Price: 80 000 UZS

«ILM ARABIC 2021», organized by NEI «ILM PLYUS O'QUV», invites all participants to take part in the Olympics in Arabic!


Performance data: 29.05.2021

Location: Andijan, street Amir Temur 43E (building of private school "I.A. Karimov izdoshlari")


Registration is open from 4 to 25 May.


Registration fee:

100,000 sumov.


🏃‍♂️Hurry up!

Limited number of seats!


🥇 1st place Travel in Egypt

🥈 2nd place Golden exhibition

🥉 3rd place Cerebryanoe ring


Contact phone:

📞 +998936510402

📞 +998916020740

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